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A Tunnel Automatic Shotcrete Robot Based on 8-DOF Manipulator (Chinese)
Di Song
Postgraduate thesis,School of Automation,CSU,2019.5.
Study on the Assistant Diagnosis of Erythematous Scaly Skin Diseases Based on Clinical Images (Chinese)
Xiaoyu He
Postgraduate thesis,School of Automation,CSU,2019.5.
Scene Image Based Air Quality Level Estimation (Chinese)
Qin Li
Postgraduate thesis,School of Automation,CSU,2018.5.
Analysis of tumor features of multimode brain images (Chinese)
Zhaodong Liang
Postgraduate thesis,School of Automation,CSU,2018.5.
Gesture Recognition Based on Convolutional Neural Networ (Chinese)
Zhongbin Yu
Postgraduate thesis,School of Automation,CSU,2017.5.
Design of Air Quality Classification System Based on Visual Features (Chinese)
Xiaoyu He
Undergraduate thesis,School of Automation,CSU,2016.7.
Design and Implementation of a Video-based smoke detection system (Chinese)
Qin Li
Undergraduate thesis,School of Automation,CSU,2016.7.

Journal Papers

Automatic Tunnel Steel Arches Extraction Algorithm Based on 3D LiDAR Point Cloud
Wenting Zhang, Wenjie Qiu, Di Song, Bin Xie*
Sensors, 2019, 19(18): 3972
Design of 8-DOF Automatic Tunnel shotcreting Robot System (Chinese)
Bin Xie, Mi Qin, Di Song, Di Wu
Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Identification of Basal Cell Carcinoma and Pigment Nevus Based on Convolutional Neural Network Using Clinical Image (Chinese)
Bin Xie,Xiaoyu He,Weihong Huang,Minxue Shen,Fangfang Li,Shuang Zhao
Journal of Central South University (Medical Sciences)
Smart Identification of Psoriasis by Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks: A Case Study in China
Shuang Zhao, Bin Xie, Yi Li, Xin-yu Zhao and Alexander A. MavariniSmar*, Weihong Huang* Xiang Chen*
Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology
The Application of Deep Learning in the Risk Grading of Skin Tumors for Patients Using Clinical Images
Xin-yu Zhao, Xian Wu, Fang-fang Li and Bin Xie*, Shuang Zhao*
Journal of Medical Systems, (2019) 43:283
Single Image-Based Scene Visibility Estimation
Qin Li, Yi Li, Bin Xie*
IEEE ACCESS, 2019, 7(1):24430-24439.
Universal Strategy for Surveillance Video Defogging
Bin Xie, Fan Guo, Zixing Cai.
Optical Engineering, 2012, 51(10):1703.
Image Defogging Based on Fog Veil Subtraction
Bin Xie, Fan Guo, Zixing Cai.
Applied Mechanics & Materials, 2011, 121-126:887-891.
Video defogging algorithm based on fog theory (Chinese)
Fan Guo, Zixing Cai, Bin Xie.
Electronic Journal, 2011, 39(9):2019-2025.
New algorithm for automatic defogging of single image (Chinese)
Fan Guo, Zixing Cai, Bin Xie.
Chinese Journal of Image and Graphics, 2011, 16(4):516-521.
Review and Prospect of Image Defogging Technology (Chinese)
Fan Guo, Zixing Cai, Bin Xie.
Computer Application, 2010, 30(9):2417-2421.

Conference Papers

An Automatic Tunnel Shotcrete Robot
Xuebin Lin, Di Song, Mi Qin, Wenting Zhang, Xiaoyu He, Bin Xie*
China Automation Congress 2019
A Tunnel Automatic Shotcrete Robot Based on 8-DOF Manipulator (Chinese)(Best Paper)
Mi Qin, Di Song, Di Wu, Shubin Lin, Huibin Zhang, Wenting Zhang, Xuebin Lin, Wenjie Qiu, Bin Xie*
The 14th China Intelligent Robotics Conference
XiangyaDerm: A Clinical Image Dataset of Asian Race for Skin Disease Aided Diagnosis (Best Paper)
Bin Xie, Xiaoyu He, Shuang Zhao, Yi Li, Juan Su, Xinyu Zhao, Yehong Kuang, Yong Wang, Xiang Chen
Intravascular Imaging and Computer Assisted Stenting and Large-Scale Annotation of Biomedical Data and Expert Label Synthesis,2019
Image-Based Air Quality Estimation
Qin Li,Bin Xie*
Chinese Conference on Pattern Recognition ang Computer Vision,2019
A computer-aided diagnosis system for bullous disease based on deep learning
Yong Wang,Xiaoyu He, Fangfang Li, Wu Zhu
Society for Investigative Dermatology,2019
Scoring of the clinical images for malignant degree of skin cancer using deep learning
Bin Xie,Xinyu Zhao, Minxue Shen, Juan Su
Society for Investigative Dermatology,2019
Application of artificial intelligence diagnosis in seborrheic keratosis and basal cell carcinoma
Xiang Chen,Shuang Zhao, Kai Huang, Xiaoyu He, Bin Xie
Society for Investigative Dermatology,2019
RGB-D Static Gesture Recognition Based on Convolutional Neural Network(Best Student Paper)
Bin Xie,Xiaoyu He, Yi Li
ACAIT Asian Conference on Artificial Intelligence Technology,2018
Visibility Estimation Using a Single Image
Li Q, Xie B
CCF Chinese Conference on Computer Vision. Springer, Singapore, 2017:343-355
Improved Single Image Dehazing Using Dark Channel Prior and Multi-Scale Retinex
Bin Xie, Fan Guo, Zixing Cai.
ISDEA2010, 848-851
Method For Traffic Signs Detection,Tracking And Recognition
Tang Jin, Liang Xiong, Xie Bin, Chen Fangyan, Liu Bo.
Hefei, Anhui, P. R. China: ICCSE'10, 2010, 24-27
Automatic Image Haze Removal Based on Luminance Component
Guo Fan, Cai Zixing, Xie Bin, Tang Jin.
SIP 2010, 2010, pp.1-4
Polarization-Based Water Hazards Detection for Autonomous Off-road Navigation
Bin Xie, Zhiyu Xiang, Huadong Pan, Jilin Liu.
IROS2007, 2007, 3186-3190


《Robotics (Third Edition)》(Chinese)
Zixing Cai,Bin Xie
Tsinghua University Press, ISBN No. 9787302383697, Textbook, Beijing, January 01, 2015.


A Method of Air Quality Estimation Based on Single Image (Chinese)
Bin Xie,Qin Li
Patent for Invention,Application number:201810047540.3
A method of estimating visibility from a single image (Chinese)
Bin Xie,Qin Li
Patent for Invention,Application number:201710540165.1
A Static Gesture Recognition Method Based on Multi-convolution Neural Network (Chinese)
Bin Xie,Di Song,Zhongbin Yu
Patent for Invention,Application number:201710540178.9
Detection of water obstacles in the field based on polarization information (Chinese)
Zhiyu Xiang,Bin Xie,jilin Liu
Patent for Invention,ZL 200710067181.X(Authorized)
An Automatic Image Defogging Method Based on Dark Primary Color (Chinese)
Zixin Cai, Fan Guo, Bin Xie, Jin Tang
Patent for Invention,ZL 201010139441.1(Authorized)
An Automatic Image Fog Removal Method Based on Dark Primary Color for Vehicle Music Player Controlled by Non-contact Gesture (Chinese)
Bin Xie,Zuo You,Hao Tan,Zhengyu Tan,Chaoming Ma
Utility Model Patent,Application number:201420370969.3(Authorized)
A Contactless Gesture Control Peripheral Device for Mobile Electronic Equipment (Chinese)
Zuo You,Bin Xie,Chaoming Ma,Zhengyu Tan,Hao Tan
Utility Model Patent,Application number:201420370968.9(Authorized)