2019 Seminar on Artificial Intelligence Talents

Professor Xie Bin went to Beijing to attend the seminar on training artificial intelligence talents

On Jan. 22, the 2019 Seminar on artificial intelligence training for new subjects and the annual meeting of Baidu's cooperative education project were held in Baidu. This activity is sponsored by the AI Cooperative Education Committee of the Alliance of Industry, University and Research of New Information Technology, and sponsored by Baidu. It aims to promote the positive development of the AI industry in China, promote the cultivation of talents for in-depth learning in China, consolidate the talent reserve in higher education, accelerate the reform and innovation of AI Education in higher education, and explore production. The path of learning cooperation and educating people.

In recent years, the top-level design of the country has laid out a blueprint for the development of AI industry. Talents, as the power source of AI industry, play a vital role in it. Domestic universities have abundant human resources, but relatively lack of practical application scenarios. This feature complements Internet technology companies and provides a broad space for industry-university-research cooperation. At this meeting, the participating teachers shared their AI teaching achievements and experiences with Baidu.

Xie Bin, director of the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Robot, Central South University, shared on the spot how his team achieved rapid growth through AI competition with the support of Baidu. He said, "How to use the project to inspire students to get comprehensive exercise in the process of project implementation is an important issue of training artificial intelligence talents. This year, with the help of Baidu Paddle Paddle Open Source Framework for in-depth learning, the AIMADS team of Zhongnan University, relying on the algorithm accumulation and data advantages of Zhongnan University and Xiangya Hospital in the field of engineering and medicine, won Baidu's Computer Competition in Chinese Universities-Manpower by virtue of its excellent performance in the project of Intelligent Medical Assistant Diagnosis System. The first prize in the intelligent creative competition and the silver award in the national finals of China's "Internet +" College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship competition. The system can be used for assistant diagnosis of common skin diseases and brain tumors. Users can upload pictures of the affected area to the server on the client side. The server side can display the diagnosis results in APP by analyzing the uploaded data in the open source framework of Paddle Paddle deep learning through the diagnostic algorithm designed by the team. Through this competition, the students participated in the whole project development process, and competed with other masters on the same stage, all aspects of ability have been greatly improved. "