Artificial Intelligence Innovation Contest Finals of CCCC

Congratulations to our lab for winning the first prize in the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Contest Finals of CCCC

On October 27, the final award ceremony of the Artificial Intelligence Creativity Competition of Chinese University Computer Competition was held in Moganshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhejiang Province. After fierce competition, among the 1049 teams, the AIMADS of the AIRL, CSU won the first prize (ranked first in the first prize) and received the invitation of the industrial landing of the AI works. It is expected that it will be supported by the incubation fund of tens of millions!

2018 "Computer Competition in Chinese Universities-Artificial Intelligence Creative Competition" is jointly sponsored by Zhejiang University, Baidu Company and Deqing County People's Government. The Management Committee of Huzhou Moganshan High-tech Zone, the Artificial Intelligence Cooperative Education Committee of the Alliance of Industry, Education and Research of New Information Technology Subjects, and the University Students Competition of the Alliance of Industry, Education and Research of New Information Technology Co-sponsored by the Working Committee, it aims to stimulate students'innovative consciousness, encourage students' cross-border thinking, cultivate students'comprehensive quality of discovery, analysis and problem-solving in the application of in-depth learning scenarios, and greatly enhance students' creative application development in the process of in-depth learning using Paddle Paddle. Innovation, practice and application ability, promote the ecological construction of in-depth learning talents training.

Haifeng Wang, senior vice president of Baidu, representing the organizer of the competition, said: "One of the key factors for the development of AI industry is scientific and technological talents. Baidu stands by science and technology, and the accumulation and development of artificial intelligence technology is in the leading position in the industry. For many years, Baidu has always paid attention to the cultivation of artificial intelligence talents, responded positively to national policies, and promoted the innovation of artificial intelligence technology. Baidu Paddle Paddle Deep Learning Open Source Framework enables contestants to create AI applications through resources. In this competition, a lot of excellent works with innovative ideas emerged, which made Baidu more confident to do talent training and teacher training with universities, to create a better growth environment for university student developers, and to provide practical help.